How much plastic actually hides the case of the Pixel 5 phones

Although it is appreciated as a software developer on the services side, Google has not been as successful with the physical products it signs, Pixel 5 being only the latest example of a problem phone.

Praised by Google for the use of sustainable materials, such as 100% aluminum and plastic from recycled sources, Pixel 5 has reached users with assembly problems, manifested by the visible separation of the screen in the joint area with the body of the case. Hence the suspicions about the quality of the materials selected by Google.

Pixel 5 phones, more durable than previously thought

Taking the subject, Jack Nelson from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything decided to complete the usual stress tests with an analysis of the materials used, done in his characteristic style.

According to the description provided by Google, the case of the Pixel 5 phones uses aluminum only to stiffen the inner chassis, the outer surfaces being instead made of a bio-resin similar to conventional plastic. We can only assume that Google engineers have established in advance that this alternative plastic does not even have the properties of that derived from petroleum products, compensating for the shortcomings discovered using a hybrid construction. Thus, the hard plastic-like material is poured over the aluminum cover, the combination offering both low weight and excellent protection against blows received on the side frame and back of the phone. At the same time, the solution allowed the accommodation of wireless charging technology without compromises visible on the outside.

Although, in some Pixel 5 models, the screen seems to separate from the chassis of the case, the endurance tests come to confirm the trust displayed by Google, the company officials saying that everything is part of the normal design of the phone. Thus, not even the second bend-test done with a Pixel 5 phone concluded with the separation of the screen from the case.

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