Razer announces Hammerhead True Wireless Pro, $ 50 cheaper AirPods Pro alternative

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro headphones feature noise canceling technology and THX certification, promising enviable audio fidelity.

Razer’s latest TWS (true wireless) headset comes with enhanced microphones, customizable touch controls and 4-hour battery life with noise-canceling enabled. In addition, Razer has optimized the in-ear design for a more precise fit with the ear anatomy. Other improvements have been made to the transport case, capable of providing autonomy of up to 20 hours (through successive uploads).

Aiming for a perfect fit with any shape of the ear, the Razer Hammerhead accessory package includes seven pairs of cushions: three made of smooth silicone, three made of soft silicone for those who can withstand in-ear headphones and a set of memory foam cushions, also optimized for comfort.

Razer Hammerhead Pro, an alternative AirPods Pro with a better price

Razer Hammerhead headphones use a Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation implementation, similar to that found in Razer Opus headphones. Specifically, the system provides the use of microphones oriented both to the outside of the headphones and to the inside of the ear, the dedicated microprocessor analyzing both the sounds coming from the outside and those directed to the eardrum. Used in conjunction with passive noise-canceling technology, the system can provide much more efficient ambient noise blocking.

Assisting the efficient use of the noise-canceling function, Razer has included in the mobile application a function of checking the fit in the ear, emitting a short sound tone to confirm the tight fit. Alternatively, if the result is unsatisfactory, the application will suggest trying another set of cushions in the accessory package.

Addressing the needs of gaming enthusiasts, the Razer Hammerhead Pro headphones optimize the Bluetooth connection to reduce audio latency to a practically imperceptible level of 60 ms.

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