Tesla cheapens the Full Self-Driving function for those who upgrade from Autopilot

Tesla’s autonomous driving system is also one of the most interesting functions of the car, but also one of the most expensive. Customers can configure their Full Self-Driving system at a price of $ 10,000, but they can also buy it after they take possession of the car. In fact, you can only buy Autopilot mode, which includes only assisted driving functions, at a lower price and you can then upgrade. For these customers, Tesla now offers a better price to buy the Full Self-Driving package.

Tesla is now asking for a lower price for Full Self-Driving

Tesla cars are by no means known for low prices. In fact, they even have hardware functions locked behind software limitations, despite the fact that they are equipped with certain components at the factory. For example, some variants that do not have the “Long Range” mode active have the necessary battery, but you can only access part of it. The same goes for driving assistance.

You can buy either the Autopilot package or Full Self-Driving, even after you have bought the car, but the price increases compared to buying the option at the first configuration. However, Tesla seems to want more upgrades from Autopilot to Full Self-Driving, so it offers a lower price from now on. Before, the upgrade cost $ 6,000, and now it has dropped to $ 5,000, $ 1,000 less.

In fact, until October, the Full Self-Driving function was not even available, even if customers could buy it for several years already. Only in October, they can have an autonomous driving mode on public streets, but not on all roads and not all over the world.

Currently, users can test the beta only in the US, only in certain regions. Tesla promises that using user data that drives in Full Self-Driving mode will improve the experience for all car owners, regardless of model (3, S, X or Y).

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