5 tricks to improve your phone’s performance

The phone has become an indispensable device in everyday life. We use it not only to talk, but also because it ensures our connectivity, and its applications are useful in a lot of circumstances. Due to the evolution of technology we have phones with powerful processors, with more RAM and optimized operating systems. But at some point, after a period of use, we may become dissatisfied with the performance of the phone. What to do?

Here are 5 tricks that will help you make it work better:

The first thing you need to do is update your system and applications. Updates improve device performance, according to zoom.vodafone.ro, so strive to keep up to date with updates, both in terms of operating system and applications. In fact, if your phone is so old that you no longer receive update alerts, it’s a sign that you need to look into buying a new device.
Out of the desire to personalize our phone and adapt it as much as possible to our needs, we can download too many applications. We may never use some again, but we neglect to delete them. To improve the performance of your phone, delete the applications you do not need. They will do nothing but load the phone’s memory, which in these conditions will respond more slowly to your requests.
Use phone cleaning apps. Clean Master, Greenify or Ccleaner are some of them. Their role is to delete unnecessary files from your phone, such as temporary ones or caches. However, some of them have more functionalities, such as memory boost, battery saver or antivirus protection. Download the one that seems most suitable for you and give it a job!
If you’ve tried all sorts of methods to improve your phone’s performance and you’re still not happy, one alternative is to go back to factory settings. This way you can get rid of the residual files that remain in the system even after you have deleted the applications that you did not use or took up too much memory.
Adapting the phone’s storage capacity, ie expanding the internal storage space by purchasing a memory card, is another way to improve the phone’s performance, Business Insider suggests. Before you do this, make sure that the type of card you buy is supported by your device and is exactly what you need.
Disabling animations will definitely give your phone a boost. To do this you need to access the menu in the “About phone” category, enter the “System” section, click 7 times on the “Version number” indicator. This allows you to access the “Developer” option where you can select to disable animations.
And the battery performance level can be optimized to improve the phone’s performance. First, it must be charged when it reaches the minimum level of 30% and disconnected from the charger when it reaches 80%. Reducing the screen brightness and turning off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi when you are not using them are other ways to protect your battery.
If the phone is not too old, these suggestions will help you optimize its “reaction speed”, which, in the end, is what we want from such a device.

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