LG introduces the anti-COVID robot. Use UV lamp to sanitize surfaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to major changes in the way we work, but it has also led to new innovations. For example, in the past, not so many UV light devices were needed to sterilize surrounding objects and common areas. They were used mainly in the medical field, but are now needed wherever several people can gather in one place. For this reason, LG is launching an autonomous robot that can kill bacteria and viruses.

LG is preparing a robot with a UV lamp to sanitize surfaces

The company has unveiled a robot that will be unveiled at CES 2021, a technology fair that will take place exclusively online. It is equipped with ultraviolet light and can walk alone through the rooms to effectively clean all surfaces. It has a detection system for humans, so as not to be accidentally exposed to UV light and can cover large areas in a shorter time than if it were dependent on a human operator.

The robot does not even have an official name yet and will be offered for sale exclusively to companies, so not everyone will be able to order such a robot to use at home. In fact, such a sanitation solution is likely to be very expensive and will most likely end up in corporate offices and public institutions.

Classrooms, conference rooms and other such spaces where activity can take place while maintaining social distance could be the perfect use cases for such a robot. It looks like this will be another product from LG’s CLOi range, which uses artificial intelligence to provide access to smart features on autonomous or semi-autonomous robots. Previously, CLOi models offered access to smart functions like a virtual assistant, but the model with UV lamp seems to be a bit more practical, not being able to be replaced by a simple smartphone with Google Assistant.

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