Tim Cook refused to buy Tesla at 10% of its current value

Tesla saw huge stock market growth in 2020, but the company has not been so successful in the past. Elon Musk, the company’s founder and CEO, revealed on Twitter that just a few years ago, when he was still facing production problems with the Model 3 electric car, he tried to sell the company to Apple. Unfortunately, for Apple, at least, Tim Cook was not interested in such a deal.

Elon Musk tried to sell Tesla to Apple

Musk commented on rumors that Apple is still working on an electric car, which could hit the market in 2024. Reuters says Apple has developed a new type of battery, which could give it a market advantage over other market players. However, Musk says that this technology is already used in the Shanghai plant, but that a “single-cell” solution suggested by Reuters would not be possible due to the low voltage.

Speaking on the subject, Elon Musk also recalled that at one point, he was willing to sell the company to Apple. In the darkest days of the Model 3 program, Musk contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook for a possible sale of Tesla. According to the tweet, he says that at that time, the value of the company was only 10% of the current value. However, Tim Cook declined the meeting.

It seems that at that time, electric cars were not a priority for Apple and probably are not now. Given that we have been hearing rumors about an Apple electric car for many years, and a prototype will probably be unveiled in early 2024, in the most optimistic estimates, we should not expect to drive an Apple car too soon.

In fact, Apple would not be the first company to develop an electric prototype without the intention of selling it. Sony presented this year at CES an electric car that can demonstrate various technologies developed by the Japanese company. However, Sony does not plan to bring this car to market.

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