The update to Android 11 for Xiaomi Mi A3 may damage the phones. The company promises free repairs

Xiaomi does not seem to be able to figure out the updates for its Mi A series devices, those included in the Android One program. This is probably the reason why the Chinese manufacturer has given up this series, as it is not the first time it launches a problem update for such devices. The latest update for Xiaomi Mi A3 devices, which brings the operating system to the Android 11 version, seems to ruin the phones, which remain locked or refuse to start again.

This is not the first time Xiaomi Mi A3 has received an update with problems

It seems that Xiaomi tried to offer users a “surprise” for the holidays, offering Android 11 on Mi A3 devices, launched more than a year ago. Unfortunately, this surprise also had the unpleasant effect of damaging certain units. Some users report that their phones do not turn on or refuse to enter even the safety menu, where they could use fastboot to solve the problem.

A similar problem with the Xiaomi Mi A3 models appeared a year ago, when the company launched Android 10 on these devices. But the solution seems to be one: users must use a Xiaomi service. Of course, they are not available worldwide, but only where the phones are officially sold. Fortunately, in Romania we now have such centers that can offer repairs.

The problem arose in India, so Xiaomi India representatives are the ones who gave official statements, but it is not clear if this problematic update has reached devices in other countries. Also, those who buy phones from stores that bring stocks from other countries could be affected anywhere in the world by a problem that only occurs on phones in India or China.

The company promises free repairs

For now, if you have a Xiaomi Mi A3 and receive the update to Android 11, it would be advisable to avoid it until the company solves the problem.

Here is Xiaomi India’s official statement:

“We know the problems that some Mi A3 units have after the recent update to Android 11. We have stopped launching software in the meantime.

We ask users who have problems to visit the more than 2,000 service centers across the country, where a solution will be offered unconditionally (whether or not the device is under warranty).

We regret the inconvenience this situation has created. As a brand, we are dedicated to providing the best user experiences and will continue to improve our products and services. ”

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