Sony officially announces Airpeak, its first professional drone for content creators

Sony announced last year that it is preparing to enter the drone market for filming with the new Airpeak models, and today we see for the first time a solution of the Japanese company. DJI has dominated the consumer drone market, but also the professional drone market for filming, and Airpeak is first trying to convince professionals. We are talking about a four-engine drone, capable of carrying and stabilizing professional mirrorless cameras.

The Sony Airpeak model competes with the DJI Inspire

The Airpeak drone is not an extremely portable drone and neither can be bought by any amateur who is passionate about drone photography or filming. This is a product for professional content creators who need high-end equipment. However, Sony says it is the smallest professional drone of its kind. However, those who already use Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras will have an advantage, some of the most appreciated for filming on the market.

Sony says that AirPeak was built especially for this range of cameras, being equipped with a stabilizer that reconciles perfectly with their shape, design and capabilities. Of course, the Airpeak drone also integrates its own camera, but it is used for navigation rather than content creation.

Of course, we still don’t have the most important details about Airpeak, such as the drone’s performance, ie we don’t know what battery life it offers or what maximum speed it catches, but it seems to be successful after Sony’s Vision-S electric car, because in the clip presentation of the car managed to keep up with it.

It also seems that, at least at first, the Airpeak drone system is not compatible with other cameras than those in the Alpha range. Sony has promised a launch in the spring of 2021 for the first model in this new product range.

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