Announced a year ago, the Sony Xperia Pro is almost ready to launch

Described as a professional solution for ultra-demanding photography enthusiasts, Xperia Pro comes with an HDMI port and promises a perfect integration with Sony Alpha cameras, which can use it as an electronic viewfinder and for uploading the resulting photos to the Cloud, using the 5G connection .

Xperia Pro will have a 5G mmWave antenna in 4-way configuration, allowing to reach theoretical speeds of up to 5 Gbps or more, provided that the phone is in an area with very good 5G coverage in the mmWave band. Thus, scenarios such as 4K video streaming and almost instantaneous upload of RAW captures become feasible, as long as the budget allows for a complete Xperia Pro + Sony Alpha camera configuration.

Aimed at professionals, the Sony Xperia Pro changes the slim design with a much more robust construction, protecting the back and side with very thick plastic, matte black finish in the style of professional cameras.

Except for the presence of an additional key that can be associated with any application installed on the phone and the HSMI output, the phone is practically identical to the Xperia 1 II model launched almost a year ago.

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