Apple has launched a Chrome extension for managing iCloud passwords

The new Chrome extension is available on Windows and Mac platforms and allows you to use passwords saved on Apple devices attached to your iCloud account.

iCloud Keychain is Apple’s password manager built into every Mac, iPhone and iPad. It makes it easy to generate secure passwords, which you can easily manage while using Safari.

Apple is launching iCloud Passwords, a very useful Chrome extension

For anyone using Google Chrome for browsing and iCloud Keychain as a password manager, the new extension makes it easy to switch between Max and Windows PCs. Thus, passwords that are self-generated and saved with the Safari browser will automatically become available in the Chrome browser as well.

At the same time, passwords saved in the Chrome browser for Windows will also sync with iCloud, appearing immediately available on Apple devices associated with that account.

The extension is called iCloud Passwords and can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. Its details were revealed last week in an update log for the Windows 10 iCloud app, which mentioned a feature called “Support for iCloud Passwords Chrome Extension.” Strangely, Apple has released the new extension in the official Chrome extension store without an official launch announcement or usage presentation.

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