The iPhone 13 might give up the notch, but it could adopt thick edges around the screen

We are entering the new week and the second month of 2021 with new rumors about the next generation of iPhone. The iPhone 13, or iPhone 12S, could come with small design changes, but Apple has not yet made a final decision on where it will go. It seems that in addition to a thinner notch, Apple is also considering giving up the notch completely, but this decision could have another consequence: thicker edges around the screen.

Face ID technology could bring to market an iPhone 13 with thick edges around the screen
The source of this information is Mauri QHD, a leaker known on Twitter, who also provided information before the launch of the new Apple phones that could be verified once they were officially announced. He says Apple is currently testing a prototype iPhone 13 without a cutout on the screen. This model would have thicker edges around the screen, as they are equal on all sides.

The reason why Apple would go from thinner edges to thicker ones is obvious. The company will not give up the Face ID system, which allows fast 3D facial recognition on its devices. Even if it integrates a Touch ID sensor under the screen, an optical type, not an ultrasonic one, the company will also keep facial recognition. Thus, the True Depth sensor, even miniaturized, would still take up some space above the screen, compared to the alternatives on the market, which do not integrate such technologies.

However, Mauri QHD also says that this could be a design that could be delayed until next year’s iPhone 14 generation. Interestingly, lately, nothing has been heard about the iPhone without a charging port. Given that rumors do not mention such a device, we can expect that that model will be delayed on the market at least until next year.

This is not the first such rumor about iPhones, a similar design has already been revealed by other “leakers” in the past, but for the iPhone 11 and 12 generations. This suggests that Apple has been working on this concept for a long time.

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