You will also be able to use Google Maps to pay the parking fee or bus ticket

For starters, in the US only, Google is adding the option to pay shipping and parking fees directly from the Google Maps app.

Users in more than 400 U.S. cities can pay directly from the Google Maps app for the cost of public transportation and parking fees, avoiding the hassle of fitness tickets. Everything is done with the credit card already attached to the Google account, confirming the message automatically displayed on the phone screen. Optionally, you can change certain aspects such as parking time at the chosen parking lot.

In addition to the convenience of the operation, the main argument in favor of this payment method is the avoidance of queues and any form of physical contact with other people or payment machines.

In the case of public transport, there is also the option of paying in advance the travel fares for the chosen route. In some regions, users receive a virtual travel ticket that they can scan at access terminals or show to others.

Google says the new service will be available globally over the “next few weeks”, with negotiations already underway with more than 80 transport authorities.

For Google, the benefit of introducing this feature is as clear as can be. The more Google Maps you use, the less likely you are to opt for alternative services offered by rival companies.

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