Apple is preparing a Mac Pro “mini” and a new monitor, cheaper than Pro Display XDR

Apple is currently in a period of transition with its computers. For the next two years, the company hopes to sell only computers equipped with Apple Silicon processors, but will not be able to launch such computers simultaneously from all “product families”. The transition began with the Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, but this year it seems that we will receive several updated models with such processors, including a completely new model: a Mac Pro “Mini”.

Mac Pro Mini could offer a cheaper alternative for those who need a high-performance Mac computer

According to Jon Prosser, known for his leaks about Apple products, a small Mac Pro computer could hit the market in 2021. Most likely, Apple will keep this announcement for the end of the year, when it is expected and a hardware refresh of the “standard” Mac Pro, as well as new MacBook Pro models with new connectivity ports.

The Mac Pro Mini could come in a new design format with a cubic metal body. It could be a hybrid between the G4 Cube model launched in the early 2000s by Apple and the current Mac Mini model. This could be a more affordable alternative for those who don’t need the full capability of a Mac Pro computer, expansion ports and such powerful processors or graphics chips. However, it should provide high performance for use in photo and video editing. A similar rumor appeared just a few months ago from other sources such as Bloomberg.

Also this year, we could receive both an updated Mac Pro, probably also with an Intel Xeon processor, along with a new display from Apple. The latter would be a more affordable model, not a “professional” one, such as the Apple Pro Display XDR, which starts at $ 5,000 and comes without support.

Other rumors talk about new MacBook Pro models and even about a new iMac with a different design. What is certain is that Apple has many models to update in the next two years, and the frequency of launches could be accelerated in 2021.

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