Twitter is launching Super Follows, a new system for subscribing to premium content

The Super Follows option is addressed to Twitter groups and accounts with loyal followers, willing to pay for access to certain posts, representing premium content.

Operating under the guise of free speech, Twitter hosts numerous chat groups and individual accounts, posting content that would have no chance to break the rules of other social platforms. For example, the Twitter network is used by OnlyFans “stars” to attract new subscribers, offering them free samples of content framed at the limit of decency, or completely “without a curtain”.

Owning a considerable number of such accounts, Twitter is taking decisive steps towards monetizing them directly on the platform, launching the Super Follows option. Moreover, content authors are encouraged to create Twitter Groups, using the Super Follows option as a condition of access. And for existing Twitter accounts, the option opens access to extra content, for which authors have so far tried to attract subscribers on other established platforms.

In the example provided for demonstration purposes, Twitter takes as a benchmark a monthly fee of $ 4.99, in exchange for which followers choose certain “benefits”. The official explanation is that authors and content promoters are given a way to be remunerated directly by the target audience.

Direct payment tools have become increasingly important for creators, especially in recent years. Patreon has been hugely successful, and other platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and even GitHub, have introduced direct payment options for creators.

Certainly, the new facility announced by Twitter also has mutual benefits, the socialization platform gaining a new source of income, resulting from the charging of subscriptions.

Twitter has also announced a feature called Communities, which appears to be a similar approach to Facebook groups. Users can create and join groups created around common interests – such as cats or plants, Twitter suggests – allowing them to see more tweets focused on these topics.

For now, none of these features have a precise launch date, Twitter only using the phrase “what’s next” to announce them in a presentation for analysts and investors.

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