Google Pixel Fold could offer serious competition to rival Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold 2

Google Pixel Fold could be the most formidable competitor for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and other foldable phone models of the current generation.

Assuming that this niche market will eventually enjoy the success hoped for by its promoters, all smartphone manufacturers will have to launch foldable phones in order to survive. But until then, there is still a long way to go, in the meantime, the new branch focused on roll-up phones is already giving some emotions to manufacturers who have invested heavily in the development of folding phones.

According to current expectations, Apple should launch the first foldable iPhone in a year or two. This means that Google and other Android phone manufacturers must imperatively steal the start by launching their own products earlier. Thus, we can expect the first Pixel Fold model not to be delayed more than a few months, or a year.

And recent rumors seem to confirm these expectations, more and more information about a foldable smartphone in a version designed by Google appearing online. According to the South Korean publication The Elec, Google is just one of the companies that develop foldable phones around the OLED screens provided by Samsung.

Meanwhile, a designer named Waqar Khan also gives us the first example of what a Pixel phone with a foldable screen might look like.

Illustrated with a YouTube clip, the future Google Pixel Fold takes on many of the features of the current Pixel phone series, just by adding the relevant aspects. We get a phone with a main screen foldable inwards, a camera with a rectangular ornament at the back and an external screen that can work just as well in the role of main screen.

Without wasting too much time with details based on unproven speculation anyway, Google Pixel Fold would have a foldable screen with a diagonal of about 7.6 inches, comparable to that encountered in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 series.

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