YouTube will be able to analyze for copyright infringement even while uploading

Uploading videos for distribution on YouTube will soon be able to be blocked during the upload process, if Google detects content that violates copyright held by third parties, or other violations of the posting rules.

For example, if you try to post banned content on YouTube, you could be penalized as soon as you click the “Publish” button, before that clip can be viewed by your target audience.

According to a screenshot shared by social media consultant Matt Navarra (via XDA Developers), the new YouTube filter checks videos sent for upload for “any copyright issues that could restrict its visibility.” The plan is to make it easier to resolve such conflicts before the video is released.

Apparently, tested for the time being only from the desktop interface of the YouTube service, the new tool seems to use a real-time version of the YouTube Content ID system, responsible for identifying copyright issues.

Copyright owners who find Content ID violations can prevent a video from being viewed, redirect monetization by displaying ads to serve their own benefit, and track viewing statistics. Google may also ban YouTube channels for copyright infringement.

Even if the Content ID system finds no problem, copyright owners can manually initiate copyright infringement complaints after the video has been released. However, Google’s plan is to protect users from possible penalties for accidental copyright infringement, while exempting their owners from the hassle of claiming content for each channel. By extension, the new automatic filter will probably also reduce the incidence of piracy on YouTube.

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