WhatsApp will allow you to play voice messages at high speed, but only on iOS

WhatsApp is testing a new function for playing voice messages at variable speed, adjustable in the range of 1.5X-2.0X. Of course, the normal speed option remains available as the default setting.

Distributed through the TestFlight program, the new version of WhatsApp ( is not yet accessible to the general public, but it seems that it will debut on iOS first. Those who choose to install the Preview version can try a new potentially useful feature when you have to scroll through a large number of voice messages.

If the new feature is taken over in the official version of WhatsApp, it will soon be possible to speed up the playback of voice messages to speeds of 1.5x and 2.0x, being able to return at any time to normal playback speed.

Detailed with a series of screenshots from the WhatsApp interface for iOS, the new function takes the form of an additional playback menu, displayed next to the one for normal speed. The idea is to allow users to speak quickly-forward through received messages in audio form, but without losing the playback position used at normal listening speed.

Rather appearing as a feature for advanced users, the new playback option may receive some adjustments before the official debut.

Recently, Facebook announced other improvements to WhatsApp security, such as an end-to-end encryption system for video and voice calls, available in the desktop PC application. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has withdrawn iPhone 4s support from the mobile application, now requesting the use of devices running at least the iOS 10 version, much more advanced in terms of security mechanisms.

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