Google confirms the source of repeated crashes in Android applications

Some Android users complain about frequent and random blocking of applications, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Google Chrome being among the most affected.

Apparently, the source of the inconvenience is an update to the Android System WebView component, on which many mobile applications base their functionality. Although the reports target very popular applications such as Chrome and Gmail, many more applications were probably affected by the bug that crept into the WebView component.

Google confirms the situation and announces that it is already delivering a new version of the application (89.0.4389.105), which can be installed by simply checking for updates in the Google Play application.

In an official statement, a Google spokesperson said: “We are aware of an issue with WebView that caused some apps to crash on Android. We are currently working to fully validate the scope and a solution is underway. ”

In the event that the new version is not available for installation, a temporary solution might be to manually uninstall the current versions of Android System WebView, forcing the device to use the version included with the Android firmware. Some device manufacturers also recommend uninstalling or disabling the WebView component until an updated version is available for installation.

Important to know, the WebView component is essential for the security and proper functioning of the Android platform, updating to the latest available version being essential for optimal performance and blocking certain forms of malware.

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