Intel will produce processors for partners such as IBM, Qualcomm, Microsoft or Google

Intel has been facing problems for the past few years, as it has not yet been able to develop processors on a manufacturing process of less than 10nm. In fact, the 10nm models are only variants for ultra-portable computers, on desktops still using the 14nm architecture. Meanwhile, direct competition, AMD, is already delivering 7nm processors and is already preparing for miniaturization for future generations. However, Intel announces that many of the problems have been solved and that it plans to invest $ 20 billion in the development of new processor factories.

Intel will produce processors for other companies, but will also produce its own models in other companies’ factories

Recently, Intel purchased production capacity from TSMC to develop certain models of its own processors in Taiwanese factories. The company says it will continue to use such solutions in the future, while preparing its own factories in Arizona, USA. The new factories will enter under the new entity Intel Foundry Services, which will deal exclusively with the production part of the company.

Among the companies that Intel will use to produce its own models are TSMC, Samsung and GlobalFoundries, which will produce both processors for consumers and those for the enterprise environment. It is probably based on the fact that the 7 or 10nm production lines of these factories will be relatively cheap, while its processors will only achieve such a miniaturization in the future.

Meanwhile, Intel will offer in its own factories production of x86, ARM and Risc-V architecture processors for customers. Plans are for Intel to produce for partners such as IBM, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google and even Apple. In fact, the factories in the USA are just the beginning, the company also has plans for production in Europe.

Last but not least, Intel announces a strategic partnership with IBM. The two companies will work together to develop the next generation of processors.

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