Oxford University is working on a nasally administered version of the AstraZenecca vaccine

We already have multiple COVID-19 vaccines on the market, with varying degrees of effectiveness, but at the moment, all are given by injection. This could keep some of the population away from those with needle phobias or those who think that such a treatment could be too invasive. Oxford University, which also developed the ChAdOx1 vaccine, popularly known as AstraZenecca, is now working on a study for the same substance, but nasally.

The AstraZenecca vaccine could be given nasally, like other medicines

Researchers at Oxford University want to administer a new version of the vaccine to people willing to take part in the test. The form of administration of the vaccine will be similar to that of regular nasal sprays. However, the test is just an attempt to see if nasal administration will bring the same response from the immune system against COVID-19 virus.

The plans are currently only for research, the researchers are looking for 30 people to participate in the test, aged between 18 and 40 years. For the first phase of the test, they will receive the nasal vaccine and then be checked again after four months. Participants in this test will be chosen from the Oxford area of ​​Great Britain. If the results of this test are good, a drug in this format will probably be developed, which could be administered more easily.

However, it is unclear whether this “vaccine” could be sold in pharmacies, like other nasal sprays, or whether it will still be considered a vaccine. It is also unclear whether this spray will need to be kept at low temperatures, like current vaccines. However, such a solution could increase the number of vaccinations, as they could be administered by people other than medical staff.

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