Is Xiaomi Planning To Launch Its Own App Store Globally?

Founded only eleven years ago, Xiaomi became one of the most trusted smartphone manufacturers in recent years. The recipe is simple: powerful and affordable devices. The method automatically led to the Chinese company focusing its creativity on other areas except for smartphones.

If you heard about MI App Store, it means you have great taste in online stores. MI is none other than Xiaomi’s own alternative for the Google Play Store and a great opportunity for Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan developers to upload their apps for a wider audience. But Xiaomi’s app store could extend itself even more.

50 million downloads per day

The staggering number of 50 million downloads per day that Xiaomi reported for its app store even since 2014 is a huge hint that something even bigger is on the way. The Chinese brand is likely preparing to launch MI App Store globally. The growing number of apps that the service offers supports the idea as well, although many users are waiting for the great event for several years. The MI App Store will launch globally sooner or later. Xiaomi has also reported back in 2014 that about $60 million were paid for its app developers. The boom in android usage also resulted in growing popularity of online gaming platforms Y8, Friv, and many other mainstream gaming platforms.

Shopping on-the-move is a widespread activity nowadays, which is why trying Xiaomi’s Mi Store is practically mandatory. If you’re interested in browsing and searching Mi products through an intuitive interface, you shouldn’t hesitate to give Xiaomi’s Mi Store a try. The marketplace can be used with either of the major credit and debit cards available: MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, and American Express.

Day by day, the once almighty Google Play Store loses its authority. Although for 2020, the service still had about 108.5 billion mobile apps downloaded by users from all across the world, other similar marketplaces appeared.  Ironically enough, you can even download the MI App Store from Google Play.

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