Huawei launches Band 6, a fitness bracelet that can be confused with a smartwatch

Huawei has officially announced a new smart bracelet: Band 6. But this seems at first glance to be more similar in functionality and design with the Huawei Watch FIT model, than with a traditional bracelet. However, its dimensions and functions remain at a basic level, only the screen being significantly larger in size than the previous generation. Of course, this is a bracelet made to compete directly with the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6, offering similar capabilities.

Huawei Band 6 promises two weeks of autonomy

Huawei Band 6 has a very attractive design, especially for those who appreciated the way the Huawei Watch FIT looks. We are dealing with a 1.47 ”screen with AMOLED panel, 148% larger than the previous generation. The fitness bracelet is equipped with a pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen saturation and a pulse sensor, both of which provide information throughout the day.

Huawei’s new fitness bracelet also promises two weeks of use on a single charge and boasts sleep monitoring as well as 96 sports routines. What this model does not have compared to the company’s smart watches is an open operating system. Huawei Band 6 comes with proprietary software that does not support the installation of applications.

However, there is a level of customization of the interface, with various display models for the main screen. The bracelets and watch body are also available in various colors.

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