ZTE Axon 30 Pro has a release date. It will integrate three 64 megapixel cameras

ZTE Axon 20 was the first smartphone in the world equipped with a screen that allows the placement of a front camera under the screen, but it is not clear whether the next series of the Chinese company, Axon 30, will adopt this technology. But what we already know is the date when these phones will be officially announced, as well as an interesting detail about the cameras on the Axon 30 Pro model. ZTE may focus more on photo performance on these models.

The three cameras on the Axon 30 Pro could offer similar performance

ZTE has officially revealed that on April 15, it will present the new Axon 30 series. Given that at MWC Shanghai the company presented a second generation screen that hides the camera almost perfectly behind it, we would expect its next phone top to adopt this technology. That screen is also a fast one, of 120 Hz, as it is rumored that it will be the one on the new top model. However, the company is not yet talking about this capability.

But the first two images with the Axon 30 Pro seem to focus around the rear camera mode, which could be an industry premiere. Instead of using a single very high resolution sensor and then other lower resolution sensors, the Axon 30 Pro could adopt a three-camera system with 64 megapixel sensors. Thus, the capabilities of the three cameras (wide, ultra-wide and zoom) could be comparable.

Although not yet confirmed, the fact that ZTE would integrate three high-resolution sensors could provide the ability to film in 8K resolution on each of them. Currently, phones that allow 8K resolution shooting can only do so on the main camera.

Rumor has it that the Axon 30 Pro will integrate the Snapdragon 888 chipset and could benefit from fast charging at 55W.

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