A thief allegedly returned the stolen phone to the victim because it was not a OnePlus 9 Pro

A thief who allegedly stole the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone from a man would return the device to him shortly after because it was not the new OnePlus 9 Pro.

The incident allegedly took place in a subway station in the Indian city of Noida. The thief, who was apparently wearing a black mask, allegedly took the device from a man’s hand while he was writing a message, then fled. The owner of the smartphone said that he ran after the criminal.

After a few moments, the thief turned around and threw the device on the ground. Moreover, he would have told the victim, Debayan Roy, that he thought it was the new model from OnePlus.


“Brother, I thought this was a OnePlus 9 Pro,” he would have told Roy before running away again.

Many netizens do not believe that the story is true, but rather a marketing “stunt” of the Chinese company. Roy is a well-known journalist in India who writes about the Supreme Court. It is also strange that he deleted the message posted on Twitter after it went viral.

Bizarre incidents involving electronic thieves have happened before. A few years ago, a thief stole a student’s laptop in the UK. Shortly afterwards, something unexpected happened.

The criminal sent the young man an e-mail apologizing for stealing his computer. “I’m sorry for your laptop. I’m very poor and I needed money. I left you your phone and your wallet “, he wrote.

Then the thief made him an unusual offer: “I see you are a student. If there are files on your laptop that you need, please let me know and I’ll send them to you. Once again, I’m sorry! ”

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