Mustang Mach-E electric cars affected by a software problem that no longer allows starting

The first electric car under the Mustang brand is Mach-E, a car not exactly characteristic of a name associated with sports cars and muscle cars. Mach-E is an electric SUV, built to compete with similar vehicles such as Tesla Model Y or Volkswaggen ID.4, but it seems that at the software level, the car produced by Ford is behind them in a very important chapter: software. Recently, several cars were affected by problems with the car’s secondary battery, which no longer allowed it to start.

Mustang Mach-E cars that consume 12V secondary battery can no longer be turned on

Mustang Mach-E uses a 12V battery similar to that of cars with internal combustion engines, responsible for the rest of the systems connected to electricity. It is also used by the electronic part, which allows the vehicle to start and stop. However, if this battery is consumed, some Mach-E models, produced at the beginning of the series, do not have software capable of automatically tracing the power supply to the secondary battery from the main one.

According to the car’s application, it is in a “deep sleep” mode and cannot be started in any way. The problem seems to be at the level of the software that controls the propulsion train, which somehow does not redirect the battery energy to the secondary one. The affected cars are all that left the factory doors before February 4th.

To resolve this situation, Ford has promised a software update to affected cars that have not yet faced such issues. Those who have Mach-E cars that do not start, must turn to the nearest Ford center (cars are sold only in the US).

It seems that there is also the “classic” method of powering the car battery from another car using cables, but it is not as easy a process. That’s because the 12V battery is in a compartment behind the front trunk, which requires some disassembly and even cutting a piece of material. However, Ford offers towing or power supply assistance to customers in the car warranty.

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