Urbanista Los Angeles is a set of wireless headphones with unlimited battery life

Urbanista Los Angeles is a set of over-the-ear wireless headphones, designed primarily as a fashion accessory for city trips. The main difference from other similar-looking products is the frame provided with a type of flexible photovoltaic cells called Powerfoyle.

Intended primarily for users with an active lifestyle, who spend a lot of time outdoors, the accessory created by the Swedish manufacturer Exeger is very light and flexible, and can be connected to any bluetooth phone.

Powered by the sun, the Los Angeles Urbanista headphones can be charged in an hour spent outside for 3 hours of continuous audio playback. And as for the unlimited autonomy promised by the manufacturer, the statement is based on a scenario of use during the day, which should end no later than 10 pm.


Even if we ignore the promise of unlimited autonomy, the solar charging function will be most useful just when we are away from the AC adapter. Adapted to any situation, the headphones come equipped with active background noise cancellation technology and a physical key to trigger the Siri Assistant or Google Assistant.

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