The moment when a J-15 plane lands on the first Chinese aircraft carrier, filmed by an American ship

A video of a Chinese J-15 landing on an Liaoning aircraft carrier was filmed from an American ship.

Liaoning is the first aircraft carrier to enter China’s military service in 2012. The Asian state is currently operating two such ships, and a third is under construction.

The recording was most likely made aboard the American destroyer USS Mustin, which remotely monitored the movements of the Liaoning naval group.

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The Chinese aircraft carrier is smaller than the American ones. The ship can only carry 24 J-15 aircraft. There are normally 48 equivalent F-18 aircraft on a Nimitz-class American aircraft carrier.

Because Liaoning does not have catapults, the planes on board it consume more fuel on takeoff and can stay in the air less than American ones.

A Shenyang J-15 takes off from the deck of the Liaoning aircraft carrier
Shenyang J-15 multi-role aircraft are clones of the Russian Sukhoi Su-33 model. They entered service in 2013, and so far dozens of units have been produced. The aircraft will be replaced because it has many technical problems and is heavy. Four J-15s crashed.

The Chinese plane weighs, empty, 17,500 kilograms. By comparison, the American rival F / A-18E / F Super Hornet weighs only 14,600 kg, without weapons and fuel.

A Type 055 cruiser and a Type 052D destroyer also appear in the video.

The Type 055 class has an interesting feature, which I wrote about in detail in another article. The ship has elongated flat surfaces on the sides of the hull. Military experts say these are not design elements, but were designed for Chinese ships to push enemy ships out to sea.

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