Xiaomi is preparing no less than three alternative iPad Pro / Galaxy Tab S7

Gone are the days when Xiaomi competed exclusively in the low-end and mid-range range, the Chinese manufacturer being now one of the top smartphone brands.

But Xiaomi’s presence in the high-end segment is not limited to smartphones, the company also delivers a comprehensive range of Android tablets. Continuing the expansion, the Chinese manufacturer is about to launch no less than three models of premium tablets. Aiming at top solutions such as iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S7, the new Xiaomi tablets will use the 11-inch format, delivering almost high-end features but at very tempting prices.

According to rumors, the configuration selected by Xiaomi is based on screens with LCD technology, much less expensive than the mini-LED used by Apple, but with almost imperceptible differences in terms of subjective image quality. Certainly, the QHD resolution (2560 × 1600 pixels) will be helpful, used in combination with a refresh rate of the image at 120Hz. Although the exact model is not known, the chipset seems to be from the Snapdragon 855 or 860 family, the performances delivered being at the level of a flagship phone from 2019.

Without compromising the thickness of the tablet, Xiaomi will include an 8720 mAh battery, enough for at least one day of intensive use.

At least on the list of optional features will be found 4G and 5G connectivity, the tablet can also be used for voice calls.

Unfortunately, for the sale prices and possible special features we will have to wait for the official launch announcement, which will probably not be very late.

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