The sad story of co-founder Dogecoin. He sold his cryptocurrencies for a used car

Dogecoin is a wave cryptocurrency, which was invented in 2013 by two programmers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

Virtual currency has grown rapidly in the last year, but Markus, now 38, has not become much richer, as has other people who own DOGE. That’s because he owns only a few Dogecoin cryptocurrencies, received from fans.

The man now works as a programmer at an education company. He sold the virtual coins in 2015, and with money he bought a second-hand Honda Civic. Markus explained that he decided to leave the project because of the harassment he was subjected to on the internet. Moreover, at that time he was out of a job.

The Dogecoin project was created in 2013 by Markus and Palmer as a “joke”. Its logo is the famous Doge meme, in which a Shiba Inu dog appears. The cryptocurrency has started to grow, especially after billionaire Elon Musk posted several messages on Twitter about it.

Dogecoin has a capitalization, at the time of writing, of $ 78.2 billion. By comparison, Honda is worth $ 51.1 billion.

Markus’ story reminds us of other bad luck in the field of cryptocurrencies. James Howells accidentally threw away his hard drive on Bitcoin in 2013, which is now worth more than £ 200 million. Moreover, in 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 Bitcoin for two pizzas.

Others have become extremely rich from virtual currencies. Recently, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, became a billionaire.

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