Samsung will launch the new Galaxy Z and S21 FE foldable models in August

Every year, Samsung has two big Unpacked events, where it launches the main series of high-end smartphones, namely Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, as well as several small events among them. At the Unpacked at the beginning of the year, Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series, and at the August one, new Note devices were expected. However, the company confirmed that Note21 will not exist, so the summer event left a big question mark. We now have some details about it.

Galaxy Z Flip3, Z Fold3 and S21 FE will be the subject of the Samsung Unpacked event in August
According to Yonhap News, a South Korean publication, Samsung is preparing an Unpacked event for the second half of August. It was previously rumored that two events would be held in the summer, but the decision remained that there would be only one.

The two events were to announce both the new foldable screen phones in the Galaxy Z range, and a new Galaxy S21 FE model, the cheapest high-end model for the current year.

From the information we have now, Samsung is preparing to launch a new Galaxy Z Fold3 model, which could integrate a front camera under the internal screen, along with support for an S-Pen stylus. The price of this model could be similar to that for Fold2, as well as the exterior design.

But the “star” of this Unpacked event could be Galaxy Z Flip3. We have already seen the first images with the new clamshell phone from Samsung, and rumors say that it could be significantly cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, launched last year. According to Yonhap, the price in South Korea could be 500,000 won lower than the launch price for the previous model. That means a discount of almost 30%.

Given that the Galaxy Z Flip 5G has entered the offer of stores at prices of about 1,500 euros, it is possible to see a reduction to 1,000 euros, or at least a price close to the Galaxy Z Flip3.

Galaxy S21 FE could be very cheap

As for the Galaxy S21 FE, this model could enter a significantly lower introductory price than the Galaxy S21 models, with a recommended price in South Korea of ​​700,000 won, ie about 515 euros. Probably in Europe, the price will be rather close to 600 or even 700 euros. Galaxy S20 FE started at 700 euros last year, given that the standard S20 cost 1,000 euros. However, the Galaxy S21, with a plastic back and no curved screen, was launched at 800 euros, so the price of the FE model could be significantly lower.

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