The Clubhouse app for Android will be available worldwide this week

Following the threat from market competition, which has already started copying and implementing functions similar to those of its platform, Clubhouse is accelerating the launch of the application for Android devices. Last week, the app was available in the US and was set to launch soon in other English-speaking countries. But now, the company announces that it will offer Clubhouse on Adnroid worldwide, mentioning some priority countries.

Clubhouse is becoming available on Android worldwide

Android users who want to install Clubhouse will be able to do so this week. The application has already been officially offered in New Zealand, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom since the weekend, and starting tomorrow, May 18, it will be available in Brazil, Russia and Japan. Until Friday, however, the application should be available in all Google Play stores in the world, but mentioning Nigeria and India, which are scheduled to receive the Clubhouse on Friday morning.

However, the Android application is very limited in functionality compared to the iOS one. However, the company promises that all the missing features will be implemented on Android phones soon. But something that does not change with the launch of Clubhouse on this platform is the access method.

An invitation is still required to register for a Clubhouse account. Invitations can only be offered by other friends who already have an account on the platform, who receive a finite number of invitations from time to time. Using this method, the network quickly gathered several million users worldwide on the iOS platform alone. Thus, the number of users will probably increase rapidly with the launch of Android.

However, following the launch of alternatives such as Twitter Spaces, where users already have a follower and friend base on the platform, Clubhouse will have to work hard to introduce new features and benefits to keep its user base active.

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