Google is also launching YouTube Music for Wear OS

Following the closure of Google Play Music, Wear OS users were left without the option to listen to music directly from their favorite gadget, even though Google offered YouTube Music to Apple Watch owners.

A year later, Google announced the expansion of the YouTube Music service to the Wear OS platform, meaning that owners of non-Apple smartwatches will be able to download and listen to their favorite music without the need for a smartphone, just with a set of wireless headphones and smart watch. who wears it in his hand.

Although it seems hard to believe, Google launched a year ago a dedicated YouTube Music application for Apple Watch devices. Meanwhile, the WearOS platform itself has not evolved significantly with the launch of new gadgets to highlight it, and software support seems to be catching up.

In principle, better later than ever, the new YouTube Music app for Wear OS allows both listening to music through the available internet connection (mobile data, Wi-Fi or Bluetooh to your smartphone in your pocket) and in offline mode, downloading your favorite albums to your device’s local memory beforehand.

Not to be outdone, rival Spotify confirms that it will bring a major update to its Wear OS application, only that it will arrive towards the end of this year. The new version of Spotify will also allow you to download songs and podcasts for offline listening, with or without your main smartphone at hand.

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