Samsung has started production of 120 Hz screens for iPhone 13

The iPhone 12 series came with a new exterior design for Apple smartphones, but inside I didn’t notice much change. The phones came with screens as “fast” as in the past, and the cameras were only slightly improved on most models, only the Pro Max version being equipped with a different system. In 2021, even if the design of the iPhone 13 will be largely the same, it seems that we will see several differences in hardware, which will solve some of the problems of the past. For example, the screen on the Pro variants will be 120 Hz, and Samsung has already started producing such panels for Apple.

Apple is the latest major smartphone maker to adopt 120 Hz screens

According to The Elect, Samsung will deliver LTPO OLED screens that will allow operation at 120 Hz variably to Apple in the next few months. They have entered production and will allow capabilities similar to what Samsung offers on its top phones: displaying up to 120 Hz of content on the screen, with the ability to vary according to needs. LTPO screens can drop up to 10 Hz in still images and display at low frequencies when the content does not require maximum fluidity.

Movies, for example, are generally shown at 24 frames per second. Thus, the screen could go down to 24 Hz to avoid unnecessary battery consumption. And the autonomy of the phones seems to have been the reason why Apple chose to stay at 60 Hz on the iPhone 12 generation. The Elec says that the new screens, even if they are faster, will be 20% more efficient in terms of consumption energy. They could also allow the integration of the Always On Display feature on Apple phones.

The models in the iPhone 13 range will also benefit from other hardware upgrades

However, Samsung’s LTPO OLED screens will only be available on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. On the standard variants, iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, Apple will use standard OLED LTPS screens, at a frequency of 60 Hz. Regardless of the model chosen, Apple will bring some hardware improvements in addition to the new screens on the Pro series.

It is rumored that the notch at the top of the screen will be smaller, while the cameras receive the same upgrade that 12 Pro Max received last year: an internally stabilized photo sensor. Upgrades are also expected in terms of battery, the capacity will be higher on new phones.

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