Donald Trump’s Twitter alternative closed less than a month after its launch

Donald Trump opened a new platform almost a month ago through which the former president hoped to communicate to the public that still supports him. It was a blog with a design similar to that of a Twitter feed, the platform that Donald Tump prefers to activate on social media before being permanently blocked from the platform. Less than a month after the debut, the platform closes, and Trump’s representatives say it will not return.

Donald Trump has closed his new social networking platform

The platform “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” was supposed to facilitate the communication of the former US President without the limits imposed by social platforms. This became necessary following the fact that Trump supported on social networks the protests that ended in the occupation of the Washington Capitol building and the death of four people in June. Most major social platforms have decided to block Donald Trump’s accounts to avoid aggravating the violence at the time.

However, many of the platforms have decided to extend Trump’s blockade for the long term or even permanently. Twitter, his favorite platform, announced that it would not lift restrictions on Trump’s accounts and even took action against other users who tried to help the president (at the time) post new messages. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch and Snapchat did the same.

However, it seems that his own platform, which Trump hoped to bring all his supporters from the online space, did not have the desired success, and the platform suddenly disappeared. According to currently available statistics, reported by NBC News, the entire platform enjoyed 212,000 hits, a significantly lower traffic than the activity that Trump’s account previously did with tens of millions of followers on the social networking platform Twitter.

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