A new iPad Pro with a glass back could use wireless charging. New iPad Mini ready for 2021

Apple’s iPad tablet series has long been a secondary series of devices that Apple sometimes seemed to be forgetting. However, the company has invested a lot of effort in recent years to keep its products in the top sales and performance, currently offering the best models in every price range. IPad Pro models seem to have received a lot of attention lately, and next year, this range could enjoy a new design and new capabilities, such as wireless charging.

iPad Pro will receive a new design in 2022

According to Bloomberg, even though Apple has just launched the new iPad Pro tablet with M1 processor, which makes it the most powerful tablet on the market, with power similar to a laptop or even a desktop computer, the company is already preparing for an upgrade. It will consist in developing a slightly different design, changing little the materials from which the tablet is traditionally built.

All iPad models, from the first generation to the present, have used a metal back. However, the next iPad Pro could replace aluminum with glass. Of course, such a change is also justified by changes inside the tablet. Glass is needed to enable the integration of wireless charging technology. IPhone models allow wireless charging from the iPhone 8 / X generation, and this feature on tablets would allow charging in use without an unsightly cable in the USB-C port. Moreover, the tablet could receive the ability to charge bilaterally wirelessly, being able to charge a pair of AirPods headphones or an iPhone directly from the tablet.

The wireless charging system could be integrated into the MagSafe range, as we saw on the iPhone 12 and recently on the iMac. It is rumored that even the next generation of MacBook will return to MagSafe charging, so the integration of technology on the iPad would not be out of the ordinary.

iPad Mini and iPad 9 could benefit from major upgrades on the outside

The same Bloomberg article talked about a new generation of iPad Mini tablets. This range of products has never received an updated design, offering the same dimensions and exterior appearance for five generations in a row. In fact, this range is very rarely updated, the iPad Mini 5 being launched in 2019. The first redesign of the iPad Mini could come in 2021, with a screen with thinner edges.

It is unclear whether it will use Touch ID on the Home button, such as the iPad Air 4, or whether it will use Face ID, such as the iPad Pro. It also seems that Apple is preparing to deliver a “standard” 10.2 “iPad with a slimmer design. These two devices could come at the end of 2021, probably during the event that traditionally takes place in October.

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