Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, leaves for space with his brother

Jeff Bezos, like Elon Musk, invests a lot of money in the development of technologies for space exploration. Unlike Elon Musk, however, the CEO of Amazon announced that he will board a Blue Origin aircraft, which will reach the edge of space. Along with Bezos, he will board his ship and his brother, Mark Bezos. The launch of the New Shepard mission will take place on July 20, and one of the places on board the capsule was put up for auction last month.

Jeff Bezos has announced that he will go into space aboard a Blue Origin capsule

The winner of the New Shepard seat auction on June 12 will go into space with Jeff Bezos and his brother in an experience that will last about 10 minutes. The first about 3 minutes will be for takeoff and reaching an altitude of 100 km high, followed by a few minutes of weightlessness. The capsule will then begin the descent and will land with the help of parachutes a few km away from the place of takeoff. At this time, the auction has reached $ 2.8 million. The money will be used to fund the non-profit organization Club for the Future, a charity run by Blue Origin.

In fact, the rocket used for launch will be landing in a vertical position, similar to the Falcon rockets from SpaceX, a few minutes before the capsule. The New Shepard rocket has been tested in the past.


Jeff Bezos announced that he will be on board this mission on his Instagram account, where he says that walking in space was one of the dreams he had since he was 5 years old. The announcement also comes with a video in which he invites his brother in this mission.

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