Apple can find your lost or stolen iOS 15 iPhone even if it is turned off or out of battery

Even though Apple didn’t talk about a lot of news on the scene last night, when it introduced iOS 15, those who have already installed the beta for software developers began to discover “hidden” features of the new operating system. One of the most interesting is related to the Find My iPhone system, which can now work even when the phone is turned off, or if the information on it is deleted.

iOS 15 iPhones can be found through Find My even when closed

The Find My network is now more important than ever after the launch of AirTags. Apple has begun making it possible to find devices using the internet connections of other nearby devices, with virtually all Apple phones, laptops and tablets constantly transmitting the position of other nearby Apple devices. But now, the company is further improving this capability with the ability to keep the Bluetooth signal on even when the phone runs out of battery, or the phone is turned off.

However, this capability can be disabled from the Find My settings menu, and Apple informs you about this functionality when the phone reaches a battery capacity of less than 20%. This suggests that the phone will shut down shortly before the battery is fully charged, so that you can keep the Bluetooth connection active when the phone is turned off.


The most interesting thing is that you will be able to find your phone on the map even if it was deleted remotely or if it was reset to factory settings. The Find My platform probably uses a hardware identifier, which is attached to your iCloud account until you manually remove it from your account and disable the Find My settings on it.

Of course, this functionality can be tested in the coming months by developers and those who choose to install the beta version of iOS 15, which will be released to the public in July.

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