Huawei will probably not launch the Mate 50 this year

The success regained by selling the Honor division to a consortium of friendly companies, in order to circumvent the economic bans imposed by the USA, does not extend to the parent brand, Huawei. Thus, instead of risking the launch of a new flagship model without access to Google’s service package, Huawei seems to have decided to give up plans for the Mate 50 altogether.

The Huawei P50 family of phones had to be announced already, the company’s reluctance to overcome the rumor stage equivalent to a non-combat policy, where Huawei chooses to limit its already substantial financial losses by giving up the Mate P50 family altogether.

Huawei normally unveiled a new Mate series no later than the middle of this year, completing the offer of P-series phones. Not in 2021.

Thus, Huawei will concentrate the limited resources it has for the promotion of the P50 series without the sales of the Honor 50 model being officially taken into account.

For reference, Huawei launched the first smartphone in the Mate series in 2013, its continuation by launching a new model every year becoming a tradition. This time, the largely blocked access to the essential suppliers of components and services would make it almost impossible to keep the promise, Huawei happily obtaining only a “paper” launch, without sufficient stocks of phones in stores. In addition, without the software package expected by European consumers, Mate 50 copies in stores would risk being simply ignored, with buyers turning to more competitive models.

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