Spotify has launched Greenroom, an audio social network similar to Clubhouse

Spotify has announced and launched Greenroom, an alternative to recent audio social networks such as Clubhouse. While Twitter and Facebook are working to develop and improve their built-in alternatives, Spotify is launching Greenroom as a separate app from the standard music streaming service. However, in terms of functionality, the new application is similar to what all these services offer, built on the Clubhouse model.

Greenroom is an alternative to Spotify’s Clubhouse

In a way, Greenroom, an alternative to Spotify’s Clubhouse, is a logical step for the company. Spotify has been developing audio streaming technologies over the Internet for many years, so its technology can probably be easily adapted to live chat rooms. In fact, Spotify content, such as music and podcasts, could be included in Greenroom functionality in the future, and you can probably listen to music in your rooms with friends, or listen to podcasts together.

Greenroom allows you to search for rooms based on your interests in various categories, so you will probably be able to find something interesting on the platform pretty quickly. In the case of Twitter Spaces, it is assumed that you are already following a person who organizes such a room. Thus, Greenroom works somewhat more similar to the original Clubhouse.

The Greenroom app is available on iOS and Android and requires the use of a Spotify account to log in. However, there is a separate regulation from Spotify that you must accept, as well as new personal data that you must transfer to Spotify in order to use the service.

What is certain is that despite the fact that the original Clubhouse has not yet allowed free access to users to its platform, alternatives have already appeared integrated in traditional social media applications. The Twitter and Facebook giants have been working hard on their variants, and now even Spotify, a company that has not been active in the social media field until now, has managed to create a new similar network with extended functionality.

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