5 Reasons Why a Data Recovery Solution Is a Must

5 Reasons Why a Data Recovery Solution Is a Must

This post will show you 5 reasons why a data recovery solution is a must.

Recent statistics show us that 72% of businesses that experience a major data loss run the risk of shutting down within 24 months.

Further data from Clutch tells us that 58% of businesses are not prepared for data loss, even though 60% of companies that experienced a major data breach had to shut down within six months of said data loss. It’s becoming more and more apparent to businesses that leaving data unprotected is simply no longer an option.

An IBM study found that the average cost of a data breach in the US was $8.6 million, quite possibly the highest in the world. Worse is perhaps the fact that the study estimated that it takes companies an average of 280 days – more than nine months – to become aware of and contain the impact of a data breach.

Put simply, data loss is a risk that can and does prove fatal to the longevity of any business. This is why it’s critical for businesses to have adequate data backup and recovery processes in place before they become subject to a data breach. To choose the right data recovery and backup solution for your business, consider reaching out to IT Support Sacramento.

Benefits of Data Backup and Recovery Solution for Your Business


While it’s simple enough to advise businesses to back up their data regularly, many small and medium businesses are simply too overwhelmed with regular business operations and surviving in tight market conditions to pay much attention to regular data backups.

This is where getting the help of a reliable third-party data backup and recovery provider can offer a host of benefits to businesses at negligible costs. These services take the headache of backups off your shoulders and can be customized as per your exact business and data recovery needs. The process can even be automated to a certain extent and configured to back up all or parts of your data at a specific time and at regular intervals. 


With most data backup and recovery solutions, such as IT Support Fresno, facilitated through cloud services these days, businesses and their employees get easy access to backups whenever they need them. Businesses can even recover their backup files from virtually any location with just a reliable Internet connection. 


When you outsource your data backups to reputed data backup and recovery providers, they take it on themselves to ensure the security of your data. The backup data is generally stored in highly secure data centers with the most efficient physical and virtual protection measures.

These are heavily guarded with high-level encryption so your data is secure both at rest and in transit. The physical security of data centers also ensures that no unauthorized person can ever have access to the physical assets where your data is stored. 

Top 5 Reasons of Data Recovery Solutions

1. Equipment malfunctions and technology failure

Irrespective of which industry you operate in, all businesses need to take equipment failure into account. They could be subject to mechanical failures or power fluctuations and stop working. Technical failures can include systems getting infected with ransomware and viruses. If data is the backbone of your business and you cannot afford to disrupt customer services, you need to invest in a reliable backup and recovery solution. 

2. Human Error

Human or continues to be one of the primary causes of data breaches all over the world. They could make mistakes while entering or modifying data in critical databases, leave their laptops on mobile devices with access to company assets unattended or simply lose them.

To recover from human errors, it is necessary for businesses to have the right data backup and recovery solution. In such cases, mistakes will only require a course correction and not result in losses. 

3. Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters happen and are likely to be more frequent in the future. These can range from extreme temperature fluctuations, such as heat waves, deep freezes, mass flooding, to more extensive natural disasters like earthquakes and tornados.

You also need to take into account building collapses or damage, electrical faults and fires and plumbing or ventilation problems. With only on premise backups, natural disasters can seriously impact your business. Cloud-based recovery solutions can help you resume operations quickly and continue services uninterrupted. 

4. Competitive Advantage

Losing data can often result in companies suffering huge losses in terms of both reputation, brand loyalty and operational efficiency. If you are one of the few businesses who manage to diligently back up your data, you may be spared the consequences and even have a leg up on your competition.

Businesses need to keep in mind that, in the aftermath of a data breach, all trust and confidence reposed in the business so far come under severe scrutiny from customers, employees, investors, shareholders, and even future customers.

The only way to mitigate this damage is to have a highly effective data backup and recovery solution in place. In fact, when other businesses in your industry suffer similar breaches, you could assure your customers and employees of the strength and effectiveness of your data backup and recovery plan.

5. Theft

Incidences of corporate theft are on the rise. According to the latest data by Biscom, 85% of employees admitted to having access to information and company documents they created. Worse, 30% even said that they took along company information and documents that they had little to do with (not involved in creating the data).

In cases where people were fired or let go of, 20% of respondents admitted to the likelihood of taking all data along with them and even handing them over to a competitor as they felt resentful. Since this is essentially data theft, people are often actively trying to hurt your business and may even permanently delete all the data.

Without the right backup solutions such as those offered by Managed IT Services Redding, this data can prove irretrievable and hurt your business.

Note: This is a guest post by George Passidakis

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