Quam Securities Makes History: Unveils First-Ever Crypto Trading for a Hong Kong Firm – See the Epic First Transaction

Cracking the new horizon in the world of digital asset trading, Longbridge Whale – the tech conglomerate, triumphantly unveiled its groundbreaking offerings at the “Far Beyond” 2023 product launch. The event held in Hong Kong saw the inception of two pioneering services designed specifically for brokerage firms: the “7×24 round-the-clock virtual asset trading system” and the “AI-powered knowledge service platform – PortAI”.

Longbridge Whale in conjunction with Quam Securities and HashKey declared a synergistic strategic alliance. Their aim? To jointly craft a robust virtual asset trading ecosystem that defines new benchmarks in the industry.

The innovative “7×24 full-service virtual asset trading solution” by Longbridge Whale empowers brokerage firms with:

  • Around-the-clock trading service,
  • Lightning-fast T+0 deposits and withdrawals,
  • Real-time market updates with 50 order prices,
  • Unified account management,
  • Seamless transitions between stock and virtual asset accounts,
  • Hassle-free fund transfers.

These unparalleled features enable a superior trading experience and digital management capabilities.

HashKey holds the credit for the inaugural virtual asset transaction in the Whale ecosystem. It’s worth noting, Quam Securities – the first Hong Kong securities firm launching virtual asset transactions, leverages the trading system service provided by Longbridge Whale. The completion of its maiden transaction on HashKey via the Whale ecosystem signposts the convergence of virtual assets and Hong Kong’s securities sector, signaling a novel milestone.

On the AI front, Longbridge Whale introduced “PortAI” – a solution synthesizing the latest in big language models with the brand’s expertise. This SaaS platform aims to provide:

  • Interactive dialogue and Q&A capabilities,
  • Efficient summary of extensive text,
  • Intelligent review of daily positions,
  • Real-time community interaction.

By bringing “PortAI” into the picture, Longbridge Whale envisions helping traditional securities firms leapfrog from mere information services to full-fledged knowledge services.

Substantiating the mantra “an analyst for all”, PortAI serves as an on-call “professional analyst” with a niche focus on financial investment. This paves the way for a rich, efficient, and perspective-rich investment knowledge consumption experience.

Echoing the tech industry’s major breakthroughs of the year, the launch attracted over 100 representatives from more than 60 brokerages and fintech institutions. To date, Longbridge Whale boasts a clientele of over 62 brokerage firms in Hong Kong.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to customer value and an innovative blend of cutting-edge technology with financial insight, Longbridge Whale charts the course for digital transformation. “Far Beyond” embodies their tech-forward innovation, but it is merely the starting point. With “Endless progress” as its mantra, Longbridge Whale continues its stride in financial technology practices, redefining value creation for customers and the financial industry at large.

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