Full Guide On 7-Eleven Money Order: Limits, Fees, Cashing, and More

How well-informed are you about the subject of Western Union money orders being sold at 7-Eleven? A charge of some kind is required, and the amount that may be paid with a single money order is capped at a specific level. You should be aware, however, that contrary to popular belief, 7-Eleven does not, in fact, cash orders. Find out more about 7-Eleven’s stance on money orders by reading the following, and don’t forget to submit your own experiences in the feedback section.

A Guide to Everything There Is to Know About 7-Eleven’s Money Orders

How to Purchase

Although the website for 7-Eleven claims that it is possible to get a money order using either cash or a debit card, cash transactions are by far the most common and acceptable method. It is in your best interest to complete the money order as soon as possible after purchasing it. If you misplace a blank money transfer and someone discovers it, they can fill it up with their own name and use it to buy money.

After obtaining a money order, you will need to fill out the accompanying form before either handing it to the receiver in person or mailing it to them. Don’t get in a hurry, and make sure to proceed with caution!

Costs and Restrictions

A money order from 7-Eleven has a maximum purchase limit of $500, no matter how much money you put into it. However, there is something that you may do in order to truly obtain more of it. If you want a money order with a value that is higher than $500, you will be required to acquire several money orders.

In addition, the price of a money order at 7-Eleven can range anywhere from one dollar to five dollars per order, based on the place of business.


Refunds are possible at any moment, and it is totally acceptable for them to take place. Therefore, if it turns out that you won’t need to make use of the money order for the reason it was purchased, you can ask the issuer for a refund instead of going to 7-Eleven to get your money back.

Money orders with a face value of less than $20 will have a charge of $3 taken from the return, while money orders with a face value of more than $20 will have a cost of $15 deducted from the refund. Remember that processing time for refunds might take up to a month!


Call the money order customer care line at 1-800-999-9660 to find out what is happening with the status of your money request that was purchased from Western Union.

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