Blooket: What Are the Best Alternatives?

Let’s face it: unless your teacher has a dulcet voice and a charming appearance, it’s pretty hard to pay enough attention so that you can learn from her in class. That’s where educational games such as those that you can find on Blooket can come in handy, as they can facilitate the learning process tremendously.

If you’re the type of modern teacher who constantly likes to bring pristine educational content to your students, guess what? The Blooket platform can help you out, as it can even help you develop your own content or even select from a variety of educational tools to make your domain much easier to understand.

But despite the important advantages that Blooket has to offer, you might still want something more from the platform. Furthermore, pretty much all software apps out there have their flaws, so why not have a few powerful alternatives up your sleeve? Let’s check out a few of them:


If you like the idea of creating exciting content for your students and sharing it with them for further discussions, it means that Nearpod is the app you need. Screen-sharing and self-paced and teacher-led options are some of the best features that Nearpod has to offer. There’s even a library of pre-made lessons that users can find on the app and check them out in detail.

However, it needs to be said that Nearpod can be quite costly for those teachers whose districts or companies don’t offer coverage for the cost. Also, plenty of users have been complaining about not being able to properly customize the formatting of information slides on the platform.


As you’ve probably already guessed, Quizizz is mostly all about quizzes. The design is extremely friendly and intuitive. However, you know that old saying that looks can be deceiving. Well, not in this case!

Quizizz offers teachers the chance to follow the progress of the students in real time. The platform even supports integration with Google Classroom, and this scheme offers the possibility to share quizzes.

However, there are some cons as well when it comes to using the Quizizz platform. For instance, there are restrictions when it comes to the LMS (Learning Management System) integration. In other words, the LMS policy is available exclusively for enterprise licenses.


Quizlet is suitable for those who are willing to find a study aid in an interactive flashcard format. There are lots of cute animations on the platform to enjoy and help you out with your learning process. The app grants powerful features for students, such as “Learn,” “Match,” “Flashcards,” and “Test”.”

However, despite the utility of the Quizlet platform, there are some serious concerns out there regarding the app’s lack of a verification system. Also, there are suspicious that the platform might sometimes generate incorrect information.


Kahoot is full of a plethora of lessons and educational games that can help you out with your learning process. However, you need to keep in mind that it may be a bit difficult at first to learn the basics for how to handle the app, as it’s teeming with information and options.

You can use Kahoot! not only for educational purposes, as the app can come in handy for corporate training as well. Teachers can also benefit from a wide range of preexisting templates that the platform has to offer in order to easily create their own quizzes.

Blooket also offers the great advantage of being a free-of-charge platform. Creating an account is paramount and extremely easy, as all you need to do is sign up with your email address or by using your Google account.

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