Spotify Pie Chart: What Is It and How Can You Make One for Yourself

Spotify Pie is an entertaining platform that allows users to track their listening habits anytime they want. If you’re filled with angst when it comes to keeping track of the music you like, there you go. Spotify Pie can help you out!

Spotify Pie Chart is a third-party app created by Darren Huang, who’s a student at the University of California. By using the software, users will get a detailed analysis of their favorite artists and genres.

Perhaps the best part is that Spotify Pie won’t even charge you a dime for using it, which means that you should definitely give it a try if you’re into music!

How to create your Spotify Pie

It’s very easy to create your own pristine Spotify Pie to reflect your own musical taste. First and foremost, you need to start the app by accessing its GitHub page. From that point, you’ll need to log into Spotify using your credentials. Of course, you’ll need to permit the app to check out your listening history. Otherwise, it’s not possible for it to make the ‘pie’ for you.

Spotify Pie needs only a few seconds to ‘bake’ the ‘pie’ for you. The outcome is represented by a circle that shows the artists and genres you have most listened to during the month. It’s a feature similar to how once had. For instance, if what you have most listened to during the current month is pop music and Michael Jackson, that’s what you’ll mostly see in the ”pie.’

For 2023, it’s estimated that Spotify has over 517 million users. Two hundred twenty-nine million of them are Premium subscribers, meaning that they’ve chosen a paid subscription that gets them rid of ads.

You can find Spotify Pie by heading over to GitHub and searching for the app.


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