How to Find Peacock on DirecTV

In case you haven’t heard about Peacock until now, well, in a nutshell, it’s NBCUniversal’s idea of a streaming service that provides sports, news, and other types of content. Those willing to stream their favorite shows and events can surely rely on Peacock, as there are three main subscription tiers to choose from: Free, Premium, as well as Premium Plus.

You won’t have to pay a dime to benefit from the Free plan, of course. But trust us, it’s worth spending a few bucks in order to grab the Premium subscription, as it’s teeming with exciting content!

You only have to pay $5 a month for the Premium subscription plan of Peacock. You might even be willing to grab the Premium Plus plan for a monthly fee that’s double. However, this latter option is totally worth it, as it will get you rid of those annoying ads for good. Let’s face it: nobody has ever been a fan of ads except for those who benefit directly from them!

What channel is Peacock TV on DirecTV

Peacock doesn’t come as a fixed channel since we’re talking about a video-on-demand service. Surprisingly enough, DirecTV Stream doesn’t include Peacock originals among its channels by default.

There’s a chance to get access to the Peacock DirecTV Premium edition if you’re a Spectrum customer. A lot of fans of the streaming service have chosen this way to enjoy it.

Not all TV’s are able to connect to the internet in order to download any streaming apps. However, Peacock TV is compatible with any TV model. You just need to have an HDMI port on your TV for the plugin to work. To enable Peacock TV on your television, you need to get a streaming device to plug into the TV itself. There is no other way to enable Peacock TV to run on your TV.

How good is Peacock’s free plan?

Surely you should have the option to test a product before deciding if you buy it or not. That’s why so many online services out there offer a free plan apart from the paid subscriptions, and Peacock TV is no exception. You can opt for the platform’s free plan to see what’s the drill and if it’s worth upgrading.

The free plan of Peacock TV is enough for you to even get bored of the service if, somehow, you can’t be satisfied with it. Such an option will give you access to over 7,500 hours of content, both movies and TV shows. If you decide to grab the Premium plan, on the other hand, you will benefit from twice as much content.

How to activate Peacock TV

Otherwise, activating Peacock TV is like a walk in the park. First and foremost, you need to head over to the official website of the service. From that point, you need to register an account by entering your username, password, and other data that’s required.

The next step is to head over to your email address and hit the link that has been sent to you from the service’s official website. In this way, you will confirm your account.

You can enjoy the best of what Peacock has to offer from either your laptop or your smartphone. You can enjoy the service directly in the browser if that’s your wish, which means that there’s no use worrying that somebody is trying to get their hands on some of your data.



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