Pokemon GO: Charizard Best Movesets For PvE and PvP

In Pokémon GO, having a ‘mon that is both a Fire-type and a Flying-type, like Charizard, on your squad is sure to be beneficial. And the reason for this is pretty obvious. Fans of Pokémon all throughout the world agree that Charizard is their all-time favorite Pokémon character and that its popularity rivals that of the bubbly Pikachu. This has been the case for many years. After all, Charizard is a Pokémon from Generation I that has a lengthy history of making cameos in most Pokemon events online and offline, too. If you’re ready to take Charizard on your team, you better get ready with its greatest movesets because this Pokemon is so useful in both PvP and PvE battles.

We’ve created a smart guide on Charizard’s best movesets, including some other useful information. Check it out below!

Best Charizard movesets to use for PvE and PvP

The maximum CP of Charizard is 3266, and it is a Pokémon of both the Fire and Flying types. It has pretty balanced stats, although it is more of an attack-focused Pokémon than a defensive one. It is definitely a terrific Pokémon! The Pokemon does not have the best defenses and is susceptible to attacks that are of the Electric, Water, and Rock types.

On the other hand, Charizard is immune to moves that are of the Fairy, Steel, Grass, Ground, Fighting, Fire, and Bug types. And now for the most exciting part! Its moveset will gain a considerable power increase in Pokémon GO whether the weather is Sunny or Windy, depending on which one occurs first. Neat!

Let’s get even further into the specifics of Charizard’s movesets now, shall we?

The moveset that Charizard has access to will alter dynamically depending on the sort of content that a player is completing. However, Blast Burn and Fire Spin are by far the most useful moves in almost any situation.

Dragon Claw, Blast Burn, and Fire Spin are the three abilities that perform the best in a PvP setting. But that ultimately relies on the option that you pick. You might, for instance, combine moves of the Fire and Flying types for more versatility, or you could go all-in with a Charizard that specializes in Fire. Due to the prevalence of dragon-type monsters in PvP leagues, the Dragon Claw, in particular, will be of assistance to you when it comes to dealing with these enemies.

You have a few different options to choose from when it comes to using Charizard in PvE encounters. For instance, the greatest choices would be abilities that have a wide range of applications, such as Dragon Breath, Wing Attack, and Blast Burn. The fact that this moveset deals a lot of damage and generates energy at a rapid rate is one of its many strengths. Cool!

Which of Charizard’s movesets is your favorite, and why? Share your Pokemon GO experience with us in the comments section below.

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