Glassagram Review: How Efficient Is It?

If you have a crush on Instagram, who’s a model, or one of those numerous all-knowing influencers who are always experts at anything, you might find it a good idea to stalk the person a bit. Surely, you don’t want that person to know how much you are secretly in love with her, which is where the Glassagram app comes into the scene.

In a nutshell, Glassagram is a third-party software that can help you spy on someone’s Instagram profile without the ‘victim’ having a clue that you’re doing it. Since pretty much everyone is on Instagram these days, it’s almost impossible not to find your crush there as well.

Furthermore, Glassagram allows you to download your crush’s posts and stories. Isn’t that awesome? Let’s dive into more detail and see what else this amazing app can do, shall we?

What are the pros of Glassagram?

Using Glassagram offers significant benefits, and surely it’s worth bringing some details in this area:

  • See Instagram accounts that are private: Even if your future girlfriend’s Instagram account is set as private, you can see what it hides due to the Glassagram app. You can check out all those photos and posts that are otherwise blocked from those who aren’t friends with the owner of the profile.
  • See Insta stories anonymously: You can see what your crush is up to by watching the stories from the profile. Even if they’re usually hidden, Glassagram will easily bypass the restriction.
  • Glassagram has a free version: Although there are some subscription fees, you can get a load of what the Glassagram app can do thanks to its free version before you decide if you spend any money or not.
  • Glassagram works on Android and iPhones: It doesn’t matter what kind of smartphone you’re using. If you have an iPhone or an Android device, the third-party app will definitely be compatible.

What are the cons of Glassagram

Perhaps the most important downside of Glassagram is that the full version demands a subscription. In other words, you won’t get to unlock all the capabilities of the app if you don’t spend a few bucks, but it’s safe to say that the fees are quite reasonable if you’re heavy into the stalking business. If, instead, you just want to spy on a profile or two once in a blue moon, it’s clearly not worth spending the money for a Glassagram subscription.

There are three subscription plans available that Glassagram has to offer. The monthly subscription will cost you $49.99, for instance. If, instead, you’re aiming to get the three-month subscription, that will cost you $29.99. As for the annual plan, this one is the most user-friendly, as it will make you pay only $14.99 each month.

If you need someone to show you the ropes in a better way when it comes to Glassagram, you should keep in mind that customer support is always there to help you out. The app is doing great in this area, as the customer support is very collaborative. When and if you choose to subscribe to a Glassagram program, the 24/7 live chat of customer service becomes available for you.

In the end, if you’re not willing to spend the subscription fee to use Glassagram, there’s always that option to just ask a friend to let you use his Glassagram account for a few minutes to see what your crush is up to on Instagram.

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