Midjourney AI and Discord: How to Use It?

Midjourney AI is a powerful tool that produces photographs in its unique style and with high detail. This is an excellent feature since it provides elements like proper lighting, background, art style, and texture. What do you think of the idea of merging Midjourney AI with Discord? The process is relatively simple, and in just a few short minutes, you will be able to take pleasure in a sleek experience within the app. Are you interested in learning how to set up Midjourney AI in Discord?

Let’s look at the following step-by-step instructions provided below, shall we?

How Can I Quickly Add Midjourney AI to Discord?

If you haven’t got a server and you want to test out Midjourney for the first time, there is a fast and simple option to utilize it straight within the Midjouney Discord server.

Take note of the following instructions:

1. Navigate to the Midjourney Discord server website and select the Join Midjourney/ Accept Invite option to become a member of the community.

2. When you are ready, click the option labeled “Start Onboarding,” then customize the server to meet your requirements, if necessary.

3. When you are finished, navigate to the left sidebar of the server and select any of the beginners’ channels to join.

4. You ought to be able to examine the prompts that other users have posted on these channels, as well as the results of following MidJourneys. They will assist you in understanding the many types of questions that you are able to pose to Midjourney.

5. Type “/imagine” into the same channel you’ve been using, then type a brief description of the picture you wish to produce thereafter.

6. Once you are finished, hit the Enter key to view the four photos that were created by the AI based on what you said.

How about adding Midjourney AI to a Discord server?

1. Navigate to the Discord server in which you wish to install the Midjourney bot and launch it. Now, head to the upper left corner of the screen and click on the server name. Next, pick the App Directory option.

2. Search for the Midjourney app.

3. Within the results, navigate to the Midjourney Bot selection and click the box labeled “Add to Server” to include Midjourney into your server.

4. In the new window, check for your server to be selected before selecting the option to Continue.

5. After that, pick the Discord server you want to connect the Moidjourney bot to and click the Authorize button.

6. At this point, open the server and then access the channel where the message may be accessed by Midjourney. In this box, type /imagine, choose Midjourney, and then input the details of the picture you wish to produce as a prompt for the player.

7. After that, hit Enter to retrieve photographs that have been created by AI from Midjourney.

That’s all! Enjoy your new experience!

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