Snapchat is Crashing: Learn How to Fix the Problem ASAP

A lot of teenagers and kids nowadays are using Snapchat, as the app can stimulate their attention a lot. Pretty much any kid out there likes to be trendy and accepted by others, and using Snapchat is also a great way to make new friends. After all, who likes to be alone, right?

Although Snapchat has some amazing features, it’s surely not a perfect app. And perhaps there’s no such thing as a perfect app out there anyway. Snapchat has its undeniable flaws, and it even crashes from time to time.

Few things can be more frustrating in life for a teenager than not being able to send a video to a friend because the app itself suddenly crashes. A lot of people deal with such situations, unfortunately, but there is a solution to everything!

Feel free to try out each of the following methods, as surely one of them can stop your Snapchat app from crashing:

Check for any possible updates

A lot of apps out there don’t work as expected if you don’t install their latest update. In fact, some apps won’t even work at all anymore if you don’t install the latest update, which is even more frustrating.

As for Snapchat, not getting the latest app installed can surely result in random crashes of the app, whether you’re using it on Android or iOS. Many of the latest updates for apps, in general, have the purpose of fixing bugs and improving performance. To see if there is any update available, you just need to head over to the app store (Play Store or App Store) and check.

Clear the cache memory

Although this method is only for Android users, it’s still worth keeping in mind. Clearing the app’s cache and getting rid of the temporary data might save the day for you and get the app working as it should again, with no sudden crashes when you’re about to impress that cute girl from your class. Here’s how you can clear the cache memory:

  1. Head over to the Settings menu, select Apps, and then hit the Snapchat option.
  2. Select the Storage option.
  3. Select the Clear Cache and Clear Data. However, you need to keep in mind that the Clear Data option will delete your login info, as well as the locally stored content.

Disable third-party apps

Certain third-party apps or software related to Snapchat could interfere with the famous social platform and cause it to crash. Therefore, it’s a good idea to disable such third-party apps, especially if you don’t even need them.

Check the storage of your device

If your phone is loaded with long and huge videos from those wild birthday parties you’ve been at or with any other large files that don’t leave room for anything else, don’t be surprised if apps, including Snapchat, will crash suddenly. Some extra storage space is always needed, and having only a few MB free might not do the trick. A minimum of 1 or 2GB is much better.

Reinstall Snapchat

The simple act of reinstalling an app can make it as good as new, meaning that sudden crashes won’t exist anymore. Surely, it’s not the case all the time, but this measure can sure be a life-saver sometimes since it allows the app to rearrange and reactive all of its files and little functionalities.

If neither of the methods exposed work, it’s also a good idea to head over to the app’s customer service and explain your problem to them. They’re usually responsive and willing to help you, as it is, after all, in their best interest.

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