Solved: Discord Messages Won’t Load

There is a widespread problem on Discord that causes messages not to load. As a result, you get an error message, and you cannot send messages anymore. That’s so frustrating! This happens within the direct messages on Discord as well as via the text channels on the server. In general, newly added features frequently come with the addition of new issues; this is true of any software, including Discord. Due to the fact that Discord does not offer any configuration options for messages, we have developed a helpful mini-guide that will walk you through the different troubleshooting steps that you may take.

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Turn off the VPN on any and all platforms

If you are connecting to the internet using a virtual private network (VPN), there is a strong probability that your network may become slower and that Discord will have trouble loading messages. Turn off the VPN and check to see whether the messages in Discord still won’t load.

Remove any third-party firewall apps from your Android device

If you have installed any applications of this kind, check to see that they do not disrupt the operation of Discord. Along with preventing access to mobile data, these firewall applications also contain connections to wireless networks. Not cool!

Make sure the Discord app on your iPhone is set to use mobile data

Launch the “Settings” on your iPhone. After that, choose the option for Mobile Data. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see whether or not the mobile data for Discord is disabled.

Turn off your computer’s firewall before using Discord (both Windows and Mac)

You should be able to locate it under the Network settings on a Mac; however, on Windows, you already have Windows Firewall integrated into the operating system.

Keep the Discord app up to date

There are times when the most straightforward approach is the one that you have never considered! You may upgrade Discord by visiting the App Store or the Play Store, or you can go to the download page for Discord to discover links.

Verify if you were banned

When compared to other social networking apps, being banned from Discord is an unusual occurrence and not something that happens very frequently. If that is the case, make sure you check the email that Discord provided to you!

Clear Cache

To clear your cached pictures and files, go to the Settings menu on your browser, select Privacy and Security, and then select the Clear browsing data option. Finally, click the Clear Data button. On an Android device, navigate to the Settings app, go to Apps, find Discord, and then hit the Storage and Cache option. Select the Clear cache option from the menu that appears.

Finally, to access app data in File Explorer on Windows, hit the Win key plus the R key to enter the Run command prompt, then type %appdata% and press Enter. Now open the folder containing Discord and erase the cache (Code Cache and GPUCache folders).

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